Jesus of Nazareth (c. 4 BC/BCE - c. 30 AD/CE), also known as Jesus Christ.

Most important to know Jesus is our friend & our leader to heaven. He is for peace, love & truth.

Jesus Christ was the strongest human on earth & is the greatest spirit in the universe.

GOD is in everything, he is in You and is in Me. It is our choice to believe in him or go Your own path. He give's us freewill & wants us to use it.

Some do not believe Jesus is GOD & some want us to fear him, that is their freewill.

We are all loved by GOD, he loves even sinners. That does not mean he is proud of our sins. He wants us to be good for all of his children, he wants us to do good things in life. He does not want us using his name to miss lead others, he does not want us to fear him. If we do something we feel he is not proud of, we should change that area in our life & make things right.

It is never too late to begin a good relationship with Christ.

Never be afraid to speak of him, Jesus gave his human life on earth so we can be confident in our faith.

He is always there for us, even when we might turn our back on him or when he seems to far away to be real. He is there for us when good & bad things happen (some say "where was GOD when this horrible thing happend?" He is offering his help, it is up to us to take his hand).

When traveling down life's gloryus path, stop & ask Yourself, what would Jesus do? What would GOD have done when on earth. Following Jesus is going in the right direction.

Living for GOD is never the easy road & prayer is not about asking for that new car or thoughs fancy shoes. It is about being selfless and pure of heart.
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